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Our charcuterie products

Our classic Italian charcuterie will fly off the plate – we have authentic delicately flavoured Prosciutto Crudo – the rear leg of the pig; Coppa – a wonderful combination of meat and fat cured with aromatic spices and herbs; tongue-tickling smoked ham Speck; a traditional Milano salami or Cremonese with garlic and black pepper.
GIANONI – the family business that produces the most of our charcuterie products was established more than 130 years ago!
“Gianoni: For over 130 years, with secrets handed down from father to son, produces the best sausages in Canzo (Italy). The “salumificio Gianoni” is not only a business but is also a tradition handed down for more than 130 years. A passion that after five generations continues to be taught from father to son. “We are direct producer of salami, coppa, pancetta and bresaola”, explains Dr. Alessandra Gianoni. “Our final product is also distinguished by the scrupulous attention that we pay at the time when selecting raw materials. They are selected mainly from our own farms. In this way we can guarantee a high standard and quality of our final products.” (Published by newspapers Canzo, 28/07/11)