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Fusilli with gorgonzola, walnut cream and baby spinach

(serves 4 persons)

Ingredients: 50 g butter, 200 g Alpicrema Gorgonzola Dolce, 200 ml milk, Walnut cream (Salsa di noci), 500 g fusilli ruvidi, 200 g fresh baby spinach, salt, black pepper.

Cooking instructions: Boil the water and add the salt, washed spinach and pasta. Cook according to the instructions as given on pasta packaging. Meanwhile melt the butter in a heavy-based pan, add theĀ gorgonzola and milk, cook over a medium heat until melted then add the walnut cream. Remove from the heat and stir in drained pasta with spinach. Season with freshly grounded black pepper and chopped walnuts. Buon Appetito!